1 year old eating schedule healthy breakfast diet

healthy breakfast

For most parents, their little one turning 1 year old is a major growth milestone, especially since it initiates the transformation of the child from a baby to a toddler. Quite naturally, as the baby continues to grow, his/her nutrition needs and eating habits also change and it becomes essential to introduce new foods in their dietary routine to make it well balanced. The one thing that parents need to bear in mind is that their baby’s tummy is still quite small and hence their healthy breakfast diet should be planned with more focus on frequent feeding through small portions rather than over-feeding them at meal times. However, before creating the 1 year old eating schedule diet, it is important for the parents to be aware of some other aspects about the diet of their 1 year old.

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1 year old eating schedule

How much diet is enough for the baby?

While preparing the diet plan, it is important for the parents to be aware of the amount of food that their baby should consume.  In general, a 1 year old baby needs around 900 -1,000 calories per day and these should ideally be supplied from the basic food groups. It is also important to remember that this is the right time to introduce the baby to different textures and flavours of the food in a gradual manner.

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breakfast for one year old toddler

What are the nutrition needs of the baby?

Parents should also have an understanding of the type of nutrients that should form a part of 1 year old eating schedule. It is essential that the child has a balanced diet that offers him/her plenty of vitamins and proteins. The kids also need to consume cholesterol and other dietary fats in large quantities for their normal growth and development. In addition, it is also important to ensure that the baby gets enough minerals such as iron, calcium, and folate etc, through the foods that they eat as a part of their healthy breakfast diet plan.

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healthy breakfast


Do’s and don’ts of feeding the child

The first thing for parents to understand is that their baby is now old enough to try the foods that are generally eaten by adults. Be it vegetables, fruits, meat, chicken, eggs, milk or even healthy snacks, the young toddlers can have it all, albeit in very small quantities. It is also a good idea to boost the fat content in the foods by topping each meal with a decent sprinkling of healthy oils or oily foods. The parents also need to understand that their child might not like every food in the diet schedule. In fact most of the times, the baby might simply refuse to take any more than just one or two mouthfuls of the food. In such cases, it is advisable for the parents to help the baby to gradually develop the taste for the food by slowly increasing the quantity they eat.

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eating schedule for 1 year old

Diet Schedule Ideas

Right from the breakfast for one year old toddler to its dinner, every meal is essential for a growing bay and should be planned keeping the following facts in mind.

Early morning

1 year old kids generally sleep for more than 12 hours which makes them extremely hungry after they wake up. But rather than starting the day directly with breakfast, it is a good idea to let them have a cup of whole cream milk.


Breakfast is undoubtedly one of the most essential meals of the day and parents should make sure that they provide a healthy breakfast to their one year old. They should try to include whole grain cereals, or even breads and vegetables in the breakfast along with milk.

Mid Morning

As mentioned before it is important to feed the child small meals at frequent intervals. So after accessing the time gap between breakfast and lunch, parents should settle on a time for the child to have their mid-morning meal or snack. This meal should not be too heavy and preferably should contain fruits and any other healthy yet light snacks.


For lunch the parents can choose the food that they have prepared for their own consumption. The only thing to bear in mind is that the portions meant for their baby should be cooked somewhat more so that it is relatively softer and easier to chew and digest. Items like rice, vegetables, dal etc can be easily given to the kids for lunch.

Mid Evening Snack

The mid evening snack should be similar to the mid morning one in terms of health factor and lightness. Parents can opt for semi-liquid diets such as shakes or even serve a helping of boiled egg or chicken to the kids as a part of this meal.


The dinner should comprise of foods that are light and easy to digest but also provide them with wholesome nutrients. It is advisable to avoid giving curd and other acidic foods to the baby as part of the dinner and focus more on foods which are light yet filling.

The amazing tricks to maintain your Makeup perfectly

The makeup is an amazing thing to look better which makes an influential effect on every person. The main thing is that, it is not easy to maintain the makeup and get it touchy. Here, we have some best trick to find the correct makeup on your face and maintain it for long time.

We need everything in perfect mode at the time of makeup. The lips, cheeks, eyes and nose etc everything should have in its good condition for the best makeup. This is really amazing to know that, according to latest study the physical appearance of a person is matters a lot in the Jobs and relationships. So, makeup is necessary at all the time.

The right contour for the face

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It is highly needed to choose the best contour for the face which is reliable for face. The one of the best thing to know that, the contour is just like the foundation of the makeup. So, it is easy to understand that foundation should be strong and amazing.The face contour is easy to choose rightly as you need to pick the right contour on the right part of the face. It provides the elegance look and decides the quality of the makeup.

All the makeup artists are always consider the face contour seriously as they know the importance of contour in the makeup. The one of the best thing is that, it is helpful to hide and shine the face’s part exactly. So, the contour is necessary on the face at the time of makeup.

The principle to provide the shape of the eyebrows

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It is really amazing to know that, always keep thicker eyebrows for the thin eyes and thin eye brows for the thicker eyes. The calculation is just like; the thickness of the eyebrow should be equal to upper lip. The eyebrow is the ultimate part of the makeup and without this makeup never completes. So, always have a great attention to eyebrows at the time of makeup.

This is really important to maintain a gap between the eyes and eyebrows. The distance depends on the size of the eyebrows. The distance should be larger if you have thick eyebrows but if you have thin eyebrow then never maintain the short distance as it looks really bad. The eye brows are really sensitive zone on the face. So, always keep these all things in mind properly. This is really easy to maintain the makeup at home with this trick.

Use of eye liner

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It’s not easy to draw the straight line passing through the eye as it is really typical. The one of the simple trick to use the eyeliner on the eyes is to draw the dots before draw the line. The dots can be completed easily with the neat lines on the eyes. The eye lining is not the easy task but highly needed to complete the makeup. At the home, you can make the straight line with the help of fork or spoon. Sometimes women used pencils too.
The debit or credit cards are the best option to use at the time of eye lining.

The thing which should be familiar before use the eye liner is that, in case of extra eye lining, the use of tape is the best option to maintain that. So, always keep in mind that, never do any experiment with the eyes.

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Behaviour of child which are not be ignore

Child Behavior

Doing love marriage is awesome, and after that the life of a couple is somehow difficult to live. The people which are having children’s and spending their life with the children, better know about the difficulties which are faced by them in growing up their children. It takes a lot of time, efforts and attention to them that they are growing in a well mannered, educated manner and are well adapted to life.
Here we are going to discuss the main problems which are not to be ignored by the parents to make their children a well and good human being.

Seeing some bad thing going on

Behavior of Child
It’s a very important thing to discuss with your child because now a day’s everywhere some types of evil deed going on like, groups of students are riding their bike in a very bad manner and become like cool dude and behave like they are above the world and no one is after them. When our child see all this then they also want that type of feeling of becoming cool dude, at that time only we need to take a conversation with our child to tell them that this thing is bad, it also got hurt and make other also hurt. One thing is that also these boys also do that, while when they are in group they snatch books and other type of things from the simple people and also beat them if they don’t agree with their saying.

Misunderstanding in family

In the families it happens sometimes, that if you are having two children and within two if one is naughty and one is simple. Then it happens sometimes by fault you beat the simple one instead of naughty one, then this will create a gaping in the heart of children by the parents. For that case you need to pay attention to the child, and make them know that if by fault they beat you then don’t take this seriously and make them full satisfied by you that this type of things may work in the family.


If your child has stolen something for the first time then don’t beat them or punish them because this will make them hurt and they may do this thing for the next time. The solution for this situation is that make your child sit with you and try to know the reason of doing this type of theft by your child, and make your child to apologize for this mistake and return the thing which is stolen by him/her. This will make your to get the real sorry for the mistake which they do and you also get to know the real reason why your child do this type of mistake and you also get to fulfil the demand of your child.

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5 Super Easy Tips To Make Your Teeth Look Like Marble White

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” – Phyllis Diller

A Smile is most priceless present people revel in and matched with white teeth, it becomes a assertion of your self-self belief. Have you ever ever been in a hindrance the place you wanted to smile however couldn’t since you were too scared of revealing your faded yellow tooth?

Well, let’s simply say, i do know the soreness! So, right here i am with probably the most most powerful recommendations to overcome your nightmares of dangerous tooth and help you smile more.

1. Take white teeth friendly diet


Should you drink purple wine, black tea or smoke then you definately need to say them bye to get pearly-white tooth. Even colas, gravies and darkish juices are the culprits responsible for. Gargle immediately after eating something dark since it is going to go away stains for certain.Use a good bleaching agent or can also eat an apple.

Here is how to Remove Darkness From Your Knees And Elbows Quickly!

Remove Darkness from Elbows

Remove Darkness from Elbows

The skin Darkness Elbows around the elbows and knees is typically thicker and has a larger number of folds than its encompassing skin. Additionally, on the grounds that there are no oil organs in these territories, this skin has a tendency to be drier. Along these lines, when legitimate care and cleanliness is not kept up, the skin on knees and elbows turns out to be substantially darker than different parts of your body.Sun presentation and a development of dead skin cells can make the skin on your elbows seem darker than the skin on whatever is left of your body. In the event that this is annoying amid the late spring months or you are humiliated to be found in a T-shirt, don’t worry! There are a few regular cures and healthy skin methods which will help you free yourself of troubling dull hue on your elbows and knees!

Baking soda Remove Darkness  Elbows 


Preparing pop has the surface of normal scour, and it has been used for treating dead skin cells for a considerable length of time.

Begin with one teaspoon of preparing pop and blend it well in water to frame a paste.Scrub this glue tenderly on your knees and elbows for the time of 5-7 minutes.Rinse your elbow and knees Darkness Elbows with new water and apply a decent quality saturating cream for sustaining. You can take after this treatment day by day, twice every week or interchange days until you get the attractive outcomes.